Responding to your current needs for video streaming solutions

  • TV operators

    To reinforce your brand, you need to take a few extra steps for improving content and TV service discoverability on set-top boxes. The steps include: customizing configuration wizards and app launchers to gain more control over your OTT service brand and establishing user-friendly navigation for content and app prioritization.

  • Online video platform providers

    Set-top boxes are part of your clients’ multi-screen strategy and there’s a demand to have customizable branded apps’ look-and-feel, while passing certification with Google standards. Is the Android TV Operator Tier program not your forte? Having a partner knowing the ropes in STB development would be a good idea for closing the expertise gap.

How you can integrate your TV offering on Android-powered set-top boxes

We’ll help you deliver STB apps within the scenarios below, integrating STB solutions into the infrastructure of IPTV/OTT offerings — online video platforms, BSS, CAS and DRM, and third-party services.

Build a fully custom AOSP solution tailored to your unique offering

Understanding the diversity of your services, we can develop an Android TV App Launcher from scratch and customize it to your requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Creating a unique experience management functionality that is not covered by Android TV Operator Tier’s guidelines
  • Ensuring a branded set-top box device will provide a dedicated experience for your TV services

Highlight and unify your TV offering within an Android TV ecosystem with Android TV Operator Tier

As a long-standing player in the online video domain, Oxagile assists TV operators and SaaS video streaming platforms with making the most of the Android TV Operator Tier program. We roll out STB apps by:

  • Creation of personalized interfaces, while using Android TV Operator Tier
  • Branded content prioritization and access to premium Google services like Google Play Store, maximizing the users’ engagement in your services

Get a Google-certified Operator Tier solution

Once your STB device is connected, gain more control over your service provisioning, while taking viewers directly to video content consumption.

Custom UX/UI experience

  • Provide access to TV Guide and Recordings directly from Android TV Launcher
  • Customize a standard UI with the required use cases applicable for companion apps and home devices
  • Ensure easy access to third-party apps for viewers to feel like they take advantage of the familiar Android ecosystem

Seamless onboarding processes

  • Integrate self-install flows for the things like remote pairing, Wi-Fi setup, user activation
  • Customize first-time usage flows and ROM parameters with special APIs enabling provisioning and activation without viewer interaction
  • Create profiling for users to easily manage different services

Prioritization of content discoverability

  • Get viewers exposed to your offering each time after they exit an app, boot the devices, or open the Android TV menu
  • Highlight on-demand content directly from the Android TV main menu
  • Pin branded apps and channels on the main screen
  • Set up a tailored order of the favorite apps row
  • Display the content based on the data about the most used and installed apps, the user behavior/user interaction with your and other providers’ content, profile-based preferences and stats


Real case story: Modular OTT app for telcos

Oxagile delivered a white-label online video product used by a leading European telecom group, quickly configurable for a branded experience and available for 13 platforms and 25 devices, including the Android TV Operator program solutions.

Going beyond helping with your service delivery on custom devices through:

User migration support

Without interrupting TV user experiences

We assist TV operators with:

  • Consistent user migration and integration with customers’ business support systems (BSS)
  • Prevention from user data losses
  • STB setup process configurations for plug-and-watch user experience

Direct communication with your OEMs

For streamlining the delivery of STB apps

We negotiate the details with device manufacturers to reach the goals below:

  • Come up with the right STB specification for your app
  • Make sure that they provide necessary middleware on the selected devices to work with a certain AOSP version
  • Successfully launch the developed application on your STBs and ensure flawless performance

Making your app look and feel great on big screens

We’ve gained UX best practices for connected TVs that help our clients boost viewer engagement with video content across multiple devices.

  • Build a convenient user experience by providing a clear focus and simple selection options
  • Adhere to “The simpler, the better” approach to make navigating your video streaming app friendlier to common user behavior patterns on TVs
  • Create user interfaces that allow users to access content in a few clicks, avoiding tricky flows
  • Take advantage of extra tools, like voice search or synchronization with companion devices
  • Design navigation flows that facilitate content discoverability, including smart data-driven suggestions

Enabling a multi-screen viewing experience on diverse platforms

We use our multi-year OTT expertise to bring live and on-demand content to media streaming devices, supporting the industry’s leading STBs like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and other platforms.

Enabling HbbTV and ATSC 3.0 infrastructures in STB software development

Would you like to deliver both over-the-air and OTT streaming to your audience, reaching the wider TV market coverage? Our R&D team dives into the opportunities of moving those components into a hybrid ATSC 3.0- and HbbTV- enabled infrastructure.