Established track record in delivering Roku app development services

Oxagile offers you versatile Roku app development expertise

  • Doing well with the BrightScript language and SceneGraph framework
  • Developing custom Roku streaming apps that stand out with the advanced functionality
  • Immersing your users in a fully branded experience by giving them Roku screensavers along with Roku channels
  • Creating clear, intuitive UIs and human-comfortable navigation
  • Designing highly resilient architectures
  • Optimizing performance across all devices

Knowing ins and outs of Roku apps development

Snatch all commercial opportunities with us

With Oxagile’s help, you’ll give all segments of the population what they can afford, with an eye on their purchasing power. Drawing on our years of experience in best-in-class third-party software and Roku-specific tools – from Roku Pay, the RAF library, and Demand API to the RACL library and multiple authentication mechanisms – we’re ready to provide:

Multiple monetization options

  • Subscription video on demand (SVOD)
  • Advertising video on demand (AVOD)
  • Transactional video on demand (TVOD)
  • Electronic sell-through (EST)
  • Pay-per-view (PPV)

Personalized ad supported streaming experience

  • Adding client-side and server-side ad insertion
  • Using various ad-serving protocols (VAST, VPAID, VMAP)
  • Analyzing personal data with AI algorithms for ad targeting

Meaningful payment analytics

  • Automated aggregation of platform usage metrics
  • Granular analytics on transactions: types, locations, devices
  • Customizable reports with data visualization

How to put sudden Roku app development twists back on track

Our Roku developers turn performance issues into a five-star viewing experience

  • Meeting interaction timing requirements

    This allows us to find and prioritize performance gaps, if there are any, and improve values to meet store review standards.

  • Adapting media to heterogeneous devices

    Our Roku developers delve deep into the characteristics of all devices to adjust media content formats and resolutions to each particular case.

Real case story: tackling the challenge of texture memory

High-resolution photos as the key selling point of our client didn’t match with the store’s rigid restrictions on the app’s texture memory.

How did we maintain the client’s edge over their competitors?

  • Implementing a custom AWS Lambda function to convert images to appropriate resolutions right away
  • Thumbnail image creation to get rid of potential memory bottlenecks
  • Preserving the backend logic

Maneuvering around obstacles, while porting web apps to Roku

Adjustments of focus behavior
Regulation of Roku Keyboard settings
Fine-tuning of modal windows

It’s time to let your multi-device route go Roku

Our Roku app development company can willingly guide you along every step of the way, so you deliver your video content to Roku users as well.

The combination of our cross-platform approach to streaming app development and solid Roku project experience supports the effectiveness of the end-to-end content delivery process.

No hurdles will block the road — we’re well-prepared to overcome all potential obstacles in no time, like we did for our Roku projects in case of:

Video player deployment

Whatever your decision on video player selection is, our expertise in working with a line of diverse players allows for the fortunate rollout of both scenarios:

  • Getting the most out of the native Roku player
  • Aligning any video player with the Roku specifics if you’ve already chosen the option perfectly fitting other platforms

TV Everywhere delivery

Regardless of how many platforms you tend to cover, we help you launch authenticated streaming to meet users’ demand for catch-up viewing across devices, including mobile, web or other platforms on connected TVs,  set-top boxes, and game consoles.

Limited SDK support for Roku

As the majority of third-party services often lack SDKs and libraries for Roku, while introducing a plenty of them for other platforms, we’re always ready to gear up to designing new Roku-centric features from scratch and ensuring their smooth operation.