Solution at a glance

  • Delivered for telco clients of an online video platform provider
  • White-label product quickly configured for new customers
  • Covers 13 platforms and 25 devices
  • Already used by a global telco group in 2 countries
  • Architecture designed for maximum code reuse
  • One business logic used by all platforms to speed up development

Looking for an easily configurable white label OTT platform

Hanna, Project Manager, Oxagile: “We shared a single codebase philosophy”

Oxagile joined the client to create an easily configurable frontend white label OTT solution with further adaptations for various telcos in mind.

As the task was to cover 13 platforms and 25 devices, Oxagile’s team designed the solution architecture allowing for a massive code reuse.

“We leveraged over 15 years of our OTT experience to significantly reduce development time, TTM, and client costs. First, our team used You.i Engine, a cross-platform development tool acquired by WarnerMedia. You.i Engine is capable of covering video app development across five platforms — iOS Mobile, Android Mobile, Android TV, Android TV STB, and Apple TV — with one codebase.

Also, Oxagile quickly delivered a full set of Android TV application features for Android TVs and Android STBs with Android TV Operator Tier.

The second strategy we’ve chosen to let our client use a low-code option while going live with new apps was writing one business logic used by all platforms.

— Hanna, Project Manager

Infrastructure targeted at code reuse

Thanks to the client logic common for all devices, including TV, web, mobile, and STBs, Oxagile’s team created the environments for multiple customers, with different sets of features available and own branding.

Bundling core telco services with premium streaming experience

All-round user convenience

  • Multiple login options and quick viewer onboarding
  • VoD and live streaming
  • Rapid channel zapping
  • Topic and genre classifications
  • Grabbing movie details in one click
  • Parental controls for different age ratings
  • Interactive electronic program guides
  • Catch-up function to view missed programs on demand
  • “Continue watching” to quickly resume unfinished videos
  • Various pricing plans along with extra service packages to fit every taste
  • Timely alerts to notify of poor internet connection or other issues

Keeping quality and user needs top of mind

  • Streaming everywhere
    The app works across 25 devices including iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung, LG, and STB.
  • Mosaic viewing to drive engagement
    Several streams are merged into one view so let’s say a football fan has a chance to see all four match broadcasts and pick up the best.
  • Analytics for quality control
    Custom analytics to access the popularity of content, performance analytics to track high streaming quality, and crashlytics

Standards-compliant and internationally tailored

  • GDPR-protected user data
  • Certified by Google and Android TV Operator Tier
  • Branded specifically for every country
  • Translated into multiple languages

Guarding impeccable solution performance with high QA standards

Oxagile’s team promptly addressed all arising performance issues thanks to our QA approach:

  • Each release cycle included two weeks of a development sprint and two weeks of a stabilization sprint
  • Regression, smoke, and minimal acceptance testing during the code freeze
  • Automated test writing for new features
  • Night test runs
  • Stable and “green” builds only

The app’s conquering Europe. How does it go?

The subscribers from two European countries are already greeting a new live streaming service in their region. Also on a near-future agenda will be an app release for three more countries.

Easy OTT app configurations favor its quick time to market and confident distribution across continents, while each telco willing to expand their portfolio of services gets their own branded product.

Delivery Model
SLA-driven task backlog delivery (TM-based)
Effort and Duration
Ongoing, 22,230 man-days so far
Java, TypeScript, React, React Native, MobX, You.i Engine, Android TV Operator Tier, C++, SWIFT/Objective-C, Groovy, Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins, Job DSL, Nginx, Docker