Our expert test engineers provide full-cycle software testing and quality assurance services for desktop and mobile applications, helping clients meet the most stringent quality standards.

We also leverage our QA talent pool to provide standalone software testing services custom dedicated QA teams. A dedicated team reports directly to the client, and works exclusively on a single project, closely collaborating with the client’s staff.

This approach has proven very effective for mid- and long-term projects that require ultimate resource scalability and product knowledge retention.

Our cross-domain software testing expertise

Over the last decade, our QA team has been providing high-quality software testing services across multiple industries and business domains.

Web and mobile

Web and mobile

Make your web and mobile solutions function perfectly across browsers, screens, and devices. Tap into our proprietary test automation solution to enable fast, bug-free releases while covering every base necessary — from functional and integration to UX and regression testing.

Online video

Online video

Underpinned by multi-year online video knowledge, we provide comprehensive QA for your OTT solutions. Monitoring and logs analysis, load and capacity testing, CDN performance optimization, latency engineering, activity spike simulation — we solve these and other complex challenges.

Big data and BI

Big data and BI

Our software testing services also cover the business intelligence domain. Our experts are perfectly equipped to perform overarching ETL, warehouse, and OLAP testing. This enables us to validate huge datasets in terms of consistency, reliability, performance, and security as well as make sure all BI reports are generated, updated, and exported in compliance with the established requirements.

AI and computer vision

AI and computer vision

We combine our QA testing expertise with artificial intelligence knowledge to drastically improve the results of your video analysis. Save costs and cut time to market by leveraging our performance testing framework designed to find the optimal balance between video frame analysis accuracy and AI system performance.

Internet of things

Internet of things

We provide end-to-end QA testing services for the entire IoT infrastructure, from hardware design validation testing to hardware-software compatibility testing to usability and connectivity testing. Our fully customizable in-house framework allows us to notably accelerate time to market and eliminate regressions.

Online education

Online education

We effectively implement test automation to help edtech providers solve the most daunting challenges, including concurrent user testing, payment and reporting workflows testing, video recording functionality testing, and webcast features testing. Such an approach to automation allows us to fully eliminate the need for stabilization sprints, while saving time and money.



Leverage our healthcare software testing expertise to make sure your mHealth app, EHR system, or patient portal are easy to navigate for non-tech users. Tap into pre-certification testing to ensure compliance of your medical systems and devices with HIPAA, HL7, FDA, and other healthcare-related standards.

Finance and banking

Finance and banking

We use best practices around financial software quality assurance to make your mission-critical solutions meet the industry’s reliability and scalability demands. Our experts in security and penetration testing, ethical hacking, and vulnerability scanning will ensure that your solution is safe against threats and compliant with relevant standards and regulations.

Software testing services: Our differentiators

Certified software quality engineers

A top-notch software testing company, Oxagile employs a dedicated QA unit of 80+ quality assurance experts, including ISTQB®-certified engineers. We are highly motivated, results-oriented, and have a passion for constantly improving our processes and workflows.

T-shaped professionals

Our engineers are well-versed in all the standard test types and beyond. Whether performing user acceptance, localization, performance, and accessibility testing, or providing security testing services, or implementing complex test automation — we got you covered!


100% transparency and control

Experienced providers of software testing services, we ensure 100% results visibility. You are always in control, with full access to detailed QA reporting, which includes test results, test coverage, quality level and status reports, quality trends, sign-off reports, and more.

Our QA and testing approach

While fully supporting the traditional waterfall process if a project requires it, we do lean heavily towards agile and scrum-based workflows to better mitigate risks, reduce time to market, and deal with changing requirements in a more efficient manner.

Underpinned by our man-years of experience and industry’s best practices, Oxagile’s approach emphasizes early testing, predictability, efficient communication, and detailed reporting. We are also big believers in automation testing, and advocate implementing a test automation strategy whenever it makes sense and benefits the project.

Software testing activities

To provide best-in-class software testing services, our team uses a well-defined, no-nonsense software testing process that typically includes the following steps:

  • Choosing the optimum QA strategy
  • Choosing the right software tools
  • Test or sprint planning
  • Setting up the environment and preparing the test data
  • Executing tests
  • Transferring the QA deliverables
  • Conducting a post-project or post-sprint review

Our QA services: Types of software testing

Our testing team comprises experienced specialists well-versed in different testing types.

Tap into our QA consulting services

Whether you need to reinforce your QA processes, address QA bottlenecks like team composition and task allocation, optimize QA costs, or ensure strict regulatory compliance, we’re here to assist you.

Our QA consulting competence includes business case analysis, agile testing, program and process management, performance testing, pre-certification software testing, security testing, and more.

You can also choose the most suitable engagement model for your project, including one-off consulting, dedicated QA teams, or managed testing services.

Accelerate time to market with automation testing

If your solution’s functionality requires automated testing, our engineers are here to help. Slashed cost, faster time to market, development process optimization — these are only some of the benefits we can offer.

We also have an innovative in-house automation framework that can be smoothly and rapidly integrated into your workflow to test any APIs and applications, ensuring faster on-demand releases.

Our testing expertise at a glance

A reliable software testing services provider, we use the best of techs and approaches to help you achieve measurable business results.

Tools and technologies

Selenium WebDriver • SmartBear TestComplete • HP QuickTest Professional • Silk Test • Watir • HP Load Runner • Apache JMeter • Silk Performer • TestDirector • TestLink • Atlassian Confluence • Atlassian JIRA • Bugzilla • Mantis • Jenkins • Atlassian Bamboo