Make the most of OTT advertising platform development

Leverage our CTV and addressable TV expertise to help your clients create personalized TV and online video experiences. Ensure greater flexibility, in-depth insights, and dependable ROI data with our cross-domain knowledge around adtech, big data, and online video.

Tap into our CTV and addressable TV competence

Make the most of advanced TV advertising to define, reach, and activate audiences faster and more accurately with data-driven, omnichannel campaigns. Activate cross-screen and cross-platform ad measurement for more control and better decision-making.

OTT and CTV advertising

Enhance your adtech platform with connected TV capabilities to help advertisers retarget TV-viewing households across the world’s most popular streaming platforms, control ads frequency, as well as measure the effectiveness through VCR, GRP, and other metrics.

Addressable and targeted TV advertising

We build tailored addressable TV solutions that enable brands to cover particular audiences based on respective household data — across on-demand, live streamed, and linear viewing environments.

Free ad-supported TV

Underpinned by data intelligence competence, we provide an in-depth audience analysis, empowering advertisers to deliver non-intrusive, hyper-personalized ads — all to increase conversion rates and return on marketing investment (ROMI).

Digital out-of-home advertising

We have the right adtech knowledge and skills to enhance your programmatic DOOH advertising platform (DSP, SSP, or DMP) with advanced features or new media-buying methods like RTB — all to meet your specific needs.

AVOD monetization

Help your clients boost viewer engagement with server-side ad insertions. Make ads less intrusive by spotting the optimal place for ads, adapting them to particular scenes, and avoiding scene splitting. Automatically detect dubious ads and inappropriate context to ensure brand safety.

OTT header bidding

Intensify your programmatic TV advertising efforts with OTT header bidding to help advertisers better segment audiences, maximize ad campaigns performance, as well as increase CPMs and overall revenue — without hampering user experiences.

Team up with us to reinforce your advertising offering

Benefit from our cross-domain knowledge

Online video

Experts in online video and digital advertising since 2011, we know how to help you serve non-intrusive ads for better user experiences, while maximizing ad performance.

  • Video monetization: AVOD, SVOD, TVOD
  • In-depth analysis of multiple video scenes
  • Dynamic ad insertion solutions development
  • Detection of inappropriate scenes for ads
  • Ensuring brand safety

Computer vision

Our computer vision development team uses the best of artificial intelligence and deep learning techs to revamp ad targeting.

  • Logo detection and masking
  • Customer emotion recognition
  • Social media listening
  • Customer attention analysis
  • Brand detection and safety

Big data is our forte

Use our big data knowledge to empower your adtech platform with advanced video processing and analytics capabilities. We know how to solve the most complicated big data challenges, including splitability, massive parallel processing, and load-balancing. Our experts show excellence in building scalable pipelines, preparing high-quality data for analysis, creating detailed reports, and forming customizable dashboards.

Big data processing is key to personalizing ads based on audience segments. We’ll thoroughly analyze consumption preferences for specific programs and content types, identify the most used devices, and gauge ad performance — helping you capture more value from your ads.

Serving any type of clients across the media and broadcasting industry

Product monetization departments

  • Connected TV advertising
  • Advanced video monetization
  • Audience and performance analytics
  • In-stream video placements

Digital sales and media planning teams

  • Ad inventory management
  • Yield optimization
  • Targeted ad networks
  • Private ad exchanges and marketplaces

We’re experts in all things adtech

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising

We assist adtech vendors, online media, broadcasters, and other players of the advertising value chain in automating key business processes. Our competence comprises SSPs and DSPs, real-time bidding, private marketplaces, ad exchanges, header bidding, programmatic TV advertising, and more.

Audience and ad targeting

Audience and ad targeting

We help adtech vendors get a competitive advantage in their niche by empowering their platforms with cutting-edge features. Audience identity attribution, content analysis and context identification, AI-based ad insertion, ads optimization, we have the knowledge and tools to deliver value.

Ad measurement

Ad measurement

Use our BI expertise to get full visibility into your advertising and marketing efforts. We enable cross-device and cross-platform ad performance tracking, ensure data granularity and transparency — all to help you boost ad value and performance.

Yield optimization

Yield optimization

Develop an advanced digital advertising platform to help online publishers increase the advertising yield. Our adtech knowledge covers ad inventory and centralized ad management, header bidding, customizable reporting, PMPs, ad exchanges, and more.