Scalable process evolution

From exploratory R&D endeavors to managed dedicated teams to large Scrum of Scrums projects, we help you scale effectively, confidently, and in line with your needs

Centralized program governance

SAFe, LeSS, DAD, PRINCE2®, PMBOK® — we utilize the best governance frameworks to ensure efficient management across multiple project structures, portfolios, and accounts.

Program risk management

We take a proactive approach to help you identify, assess, and mitigate risks at the project level to reliably achieve milestones, stay within the scope, and keep the program on track.

Structured knowledge management

To ensure seamless knowledge sharing, we help you capture, store, and systemize the data gained from multiple projects reducing time-to-insight and promoting collaboration.

Budget management

We leverage powerful Earned Value Management (EVM) tools to analyze cost and performance, detect variances, find the root cause, and implement corrective actions to prevent budget overruns, even for large-scale programs.

Scalable talent management

Ready-to-start in-house core team

Top-tier developers, expert designers, seasoned QA engineers, certified Scrum masters and dedicated delivery managers — we can readily match you with handpicked and tested talent. Backed by over a decade of experience, we offer our solid knowledge around 30+ verticals and business domains.

Effective talent acquisition

Our well-established recruitment practices allow us to successfully identify and attract top talent with an average ramp-up speed of 5 specialists per week. In addition to predictable resource booking, we can assign dedicated recruiters working exclusively to scale your team.

Flexible resource replacement

We are meticulous about composing your best project team. If a specialist’s skillset or domain expertise is less than a perfect fit, we can quickly find a suited candidate in our talent pool of market’s top-class specialists. For each team member, we provide a 30-day trial period to help you evaluate the fit.

360-degree HR service

Strongly focused on talent retention, we are committed to achieving and maintaining high employee motivation and engagement. Our HR team is continuously monitoring the social microclimate and working towards improving workplace satisfaction and boosting morale.

Efficient office management

Smooth daily workflows, effective administrative support, and streamlined communication — a well-run office underpins a welcoming and productive workplace. Through dedicated office assistants, we can provide the same level of competent office management support for your teams at scale.

Innovation at scale

Our 20-strong R&D unit is continuously working on cutting-edge techs and exploring novel concepts to come up with the most efficient solutions to future-proof your business.