AI software development services

Artificial intelligence (AI) software development is becoming increasingly popular with businesses for extracting untapped value from vast amounts of data and boosting productivity by orders of magnitude. Self-taught systems sift through unstructured historical records easier, crunch the numbers faster, and help automate some of the most time-consuming tasks.

We are a crew of cognitive computing geeks who thrive on tackling complex problems with the best tools AI and ML have to offer. Combining our data science expertise with practical domain knowledge, we deliver AI consulting services and integrated solutions to address real business challenges.

Leverage our AI development expertise

Experts in ML and AI development, we use our multi-year cross-domain experience and custom know-hows to provide you with a software solution tailored to the specifics of your industry.

Video Streaming

Video Streaming

Harness our AI solutions for intelligent automation of your operations — from content production to delivery. Engage subscribers with personalized content recommendations and promotional offers to increase conversions and ARPU.

  • Scene-related ads implementation
  • Automated video archive classification for editors
  • Diverse eCommerce models and targeted recommendations
  • Big data- and artificial intelligence-driven audience segmentation
  • Automated metadata generation and management
  • Seamless layout management for on-the-fly UI and UX customization
  • ML-enabled object recognition
  • Efficient content QC and compliance (nudity, smoking, swear words detection)

Public safety

Public safety and security

Our artificial intelligence development engineers leverage self-improving machine learning algorithms to relieve your workforce of tedious tasks, process camera footage faster, identify threats, and produce detailed reports in a matter of minutes.

  • Comprehensive ML-fueled video analysis
  • Face and pose detection, recognition, and tracking
  • ML-powered object detection, recognition, and identification (vehicles, license plates, abandoned bags, weapons, etc.)
  • Person and object footage redaction
  • Reliable person identification
  • Multi-faceted evidence search
  • AI-enabled anomaly detection and behavior analysis



Take your practice to a new level with smart analytical software that gets more sophisticated with each new patient. Capitalize on our AI development services to detect anomalies in any type of input, get crucial insights on community level, or tailor a person’s care journey to their medical history.

  • AI-driven gesture recognition
  • Healthcare personalization
  • Computer vision-driven medical imaging analysis
  • RPM-based risk assessment
  • Population health management
  • AI-based predictions and recommendations


Advertising technology

Use our AI consulting and development expertise to understand and glean actionable insights from consumer behavior, make creative decisions in real time, monitor surrounding context, and devise the most lucrative strategy for your ad campaigns.

  • Bid floor optimization
  • Consumer data augmentation
  • Automated audience clustering and targeting
  • Ad fraud detection
  • Predictive performance analysis
  • Identification of brand-safe content


Finance and banking

Tap into AI-driven development and its custom deep learning models to analyze client behavior anomalies and build robust safeguards against fraud. Use data-driven algorithms to assess investment risks and provide for every contingency.

  • Financial operations automation
  • High-performance cybersecurity solutions
  • Risk evaluation
  • Fraud detection and prevention


Transportation and logistics

Get the most of AI opportunities to discover weak links in your supply chain, predict delays, or reduce emissions across the entire system. Design safer, cheaper, and more convenient transportation for local communities.

  • Traffic management
  • Autonomous public transportation
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Inspection and maintenance of physical assets


Our AI developers elaborate learning systems and features enhanced with artificial intelligence, which speeds up and simplifies challenging and time-consuming tasks, gives teachers detailed data on students’ learning styles, abilities, and progress, and helps to create customized resources to improve student performance. Among AI’s powers that we can help you take advantage of are:

  • Creating personalized learning paths
  • Speeding up learning analytics processes
  • Incorporating round-the-clock virtual and voice assistants
  • Designing accurate speech recognition for any voice
  • Simplifying the process of absorbing information with text-to-speech services
  • Acting as closed captioning, language translation, grammar, and automated grading tools
  • Automating the generation of educational materials with smart content creation

AI consulting and integration services

Bank on AI opportunities to enrich your solution at every level

As experienced integrators, we can help clients retool an existing system or enrich the functionality of a cross-platform frontend application by splicing in a custom machine learning component or an open-source AI technology like TensorFlow.

Computer vision systems

From sports player tracking to exam proctoring to suspect identification, our computer vision solutions help companies from various verticals reimagine the ways they monetize visual content, scale up visual data analysis, and provide users with image-based functionality never before possible.

AI-driven media workflow automation

AI-driven media workflow automation

We help clients usher in digital transformation and improve decision-making through artificial intelligence-enabled optimization. By automating certain steps of your complex workflows, we can streamline task execution, implement content QC, teach the system to recommend actions based on previous experience, or even support full-scale robotic process automation (RPA).

Video processing tools

We combine our deep learning know-hows with years of expertise in the video domain and cloud computing to develop superior video processing tools. Built to handle vast volumes of video content without compromising performance, these solutions provide features like continuous frame-to-frame face and object recognition, metadata extracting and management, and real-time video analysis.

Video processing tools

ML-supported content analysis

ML-supported content analysis

We bring to the table our multi-year machine learning expertise to enable next-gen processing of any content type, including sports tournaments, movies, series, and TV shows. By augmenting your video solution with human-like ML capabilities, you can automatically detect the optimal place for ad insertion, generate engaging sports highlights within minutes, and deliver hyper-personalized content suggestions — all to revamp user satisfaction in real time.

LLM-powered apps

We synergize our domain-specific expertise and leverage advanced LLM models such as OpenAI, LaMDA, and ChatGPT to craft innovative features and optimize workflows in EdTech, AdTech, media streaming, and various other sectors. Drawing upon both open-source and commercial LLM models, Oxagile develops customized LLM solutions tailored to fine-tune your specific processes, all powered by pre-trained datasets.
LLM-powered apps

Predictive analytics

We’ll help you unlock the value in your data to not only solve current issues, but to anticipate users’ needs, identify and predict trends, and make strategic choices regarding pricing and marketing tactics. With a wealth of domain knowledge, we have a sense of how and when to better apply a comprehensive predictive analysis in each specific case: be it determining streaming service viewers’ future desires or predicting EdTech platform students’ performance and learning needs.
Predictive analytics

Business intelligence

Business intelligence

To provide unified access to all data sources and ensure a consistent overview of what is occurring across all levels and departments, we elaborate custom reporting systems from scratch, embed systems based on leading BI tools, or provide technological enhancements to the existing analytics solutions.

AI development: Exceeding your expectations

We’re a leading AI software development company that leverages solid software engineering experience and powerful research capabilities to uncover the full picture and offer truly innovative solutions poised to meet even the implicit client demands.

R&D excellence

Our robust R&D team takes part in every machine learning project, helping to map out the way from concept to product, make a judgement on its viability, and handpick the best technologies to follow it through.

Cross-domain skills

Every member of our ML team has earned their stripes applying cognitive computing technologies in an array of industries, acquiring diverse expertise that fuels their creativity in tackling unconventional tasks.

Customized solutions

We mold every component around the client’s business needs, resulting in a solution that is better suited to address specific pain points than any off-the-shelf third-party product.

AI software development stack

DL frameworks

Tensorflow • PyTorch • MXNet • Nvidia Caffe • Caffe2 • Chainer • Theano


Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit • Core ML • Kurento’s computer vision module


Sonnet • Tensorlfow probability • Tensor2Tensor • tf-slim


Supervised/unsupervised learning • Clustering (density-based, Hierarchical, partitioning) • Metric learning • Few-shot learning

Neural networks

CNN • RNN • Representation learning • Manifold learning • Variational autoencoders • Bayesian networks • Autoregressive networks

LLM models

BERT • Falcon 40B • Galactica • GPT-3 • GPT-3.5 • GPT-4 • LaMDA • Llama • Orca • PaLM • Phi-1 • StableLM


What is AI software development?

AI is of much help in software development when it comes to writing code with greater speed and enhanced efficiency, automating routine tasks, creating websites, and making the testing process faster. This saves resources and time, making the software development process more cost-effective.

How to build AI software?

While approaches may vary from one artificial intelligence development company to another, the basic steps still include identifying the underlying business problems to be solved, collecting data, selecting artificial intelligence technologies, building, teaching, and testing the model.

How long does it take to develop AI software?

It typically takes at least three months for AI projects to be completed, depending on the scope of work and the complexity of the particular case and objectives.

What are the benefits of AI for businesses?

Of course, it all depends on your specific goals, but among the general advantages that AI developers single out are:

  • Process automation and its higher effectiveness
  • Increased profits
  • Lowered expenses
  • Customized client experience
  • Simplified management of information