Oxagile’s golden rules for a BI project journey

Touted as the new gold, data is a massive and valuable asset that has a potential to transform operations and foster productivity growth. But to be useful, data needs to be mined, refined and transformed into actionable insights that fuel informed business decisions. Effective data analysis is the foundation of a comprehensive business intelligence strategy that meets the needs of a modern business.

As a BI and analytics service provider, we help our clients step into the data-driven world and get ahead of the competition.

Business value first

All data visualization for the sake of meaningful business intelligence solutions, not just mere attractiveness

Risks under control

Explicit consideration of project risks to minimize them across all BI software development iterations

Rapid PoC creation

Testing of MVPs and hypotheses to deliver business intelligence services quicker

See what a meaningfull dashboard is all about

Which business intelligence services we offer

Ready for travel driven by business intelligence services?

Which BI project collaboration path will work best for you?

Sounds familiar?

We’ll join you as an Executor:

  • Analyzing BI and big data project requirements
  • Business intelligence implementation and customization services
  • High-performance ETL processing
  • Self-service / centralized BI implementation
  • Mobile BI deployment

Your story?

We’ll guide you as a Partner:

  • BI consulting and architecture design
  • Tools and technologies selection
  • Business intelligence development services
  • Data warehousing services
  • Self-service / centralized BI implementation

BI services: How we take the routes to winning solutions


Step 1. Accumulate

We provide: data discovery and catalog services.
You get: a unified view of all data sources.

Step 2. Integrate

We provide: data ingestion, transformation, and storing.
You get: clean and consistent data brought together from various sources for quality analysis.

Step 3. Implement

We provide: reports and dashboards development.
You get: a data-driven foundation for business decisions, both visually pleasing and easy to understand.

Step 4. Secure

We provide: access control implementation in compliance with data security requirements.
You get: sensitive data protection from unauthorized users.

Step 5. Decide and share

We provide: notification configurations.
You get: web and mobile alerts keeping you on top of newly generated reports, critical changes, or anomalies.

Tools to make your BI journey smooth

Which BI tool should become the best fit for your business?

Our criteria matrix shows how good Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, and Looker are in meeting this or that requirement challenge, whether extra customizations are required, etc.
Spend one minute of your time filling out the form and get the matrix for free.

Other data analytics services we provide

Whether you need to bring your disparate data sources under one roof, optimize ETL/ELT pipelines or build advanced data visualizations for accelerated time-to-insight, our BI and data analytics experts will take the complexity out of your data challenges.

Data integration

Data analytics

  • Designing custom reporting dashboards
  • Building powerful data visualizations
  • Creating data models
  • Providing predictive analytics capabilities
  • Enabling CV-powered analytics

Data migration

  • Developing a tailored data migration roadmap
  • Migrating data to cloud-based BI environment
  • Integrating on-prem and cloud data
  • Modernizing legacy data tools