Audience and ad targeting platform development

Underpinned by multi-year adtech expertise, we help adtech vendors get a lead in their niche — by customizing and enhancing their solutions with innovative features.

Addressing your most daunting challenges

Our adtech experts will get into the ins and outs of your business query to come up with the best ideas of improving your service offering. Here are the most common challenges we deal with:

  • Audience identity attribution and management
  • Content analysis and context identification
  • Scene-based ad insertion, including SSAI (or DAI)
  • Ads placement and optimization

Identity management with first-party and third-party data

We leverage our cross-domain knowledge around big data, business intelligence, and machine learning to build tailored audience targeting platforms from scratch or customize existing solutions.

Our data science engineers use advanced mechanisms to collect data across millions of online destinations and perform comprehensive data processing. Then, based on an array of key parameters — like age, geography, annual income, preferences, browsing history, location, etc. — the data is automatically transformed into unique, real-time user behavior patterns that are key to serving personalized ads.

DMP solution development

Whether you need to develop enterprise-grade data management platform software from the ground-up or optimize an existing DMP solution by adding new features, we’re here to assist you. Experts in big data and business intelligence, we’ll help you easily collect, store, and segment audience data — to get valuable insights and target specific audiences with more precision or turn the challenges of cookieless future into new possibilities.

Custom solutions for contextual ad targeting

Minimizing user churn rate

In the advertising world, more context means more efficient ad inventory management and in turn more revenue. We engineer robust audience targeting platforms empowered with computer vision capabilities for in-depth context analysis and smart ad insertion.

  • Identifying relevant video scenes and textual context
  • AI-powered ad insertion while adapting ads to scene content
  • Dynamic ad insertion (DAI) for live linear and VoD
  • Making ads less intrusive and avoiding scene splitting
  • Prevent ads from appearing in inappropriate or illegal context

Build a tailored audience and ad targeting platform

We use our cross-domain knowledge to address your most complicated adtech challenges. From innovative context identification solutions and platforms for audience data collection and segmentation to smart ad placement and optimization, we’ve got your back.

Increase your client base by offering next-gen ads optimization

We help adtech vendors and large-scale online publishers enhance their solutions with innovative ML mechanisms to maximize the value of ad inventory and scale viewer outreach.

Dynamic creative optimization

Take your adtech solution to the next level with AI-based dynamic creative optimization. Leverage historical data as well as real-time data from DMPs and other sources to predict what ads are more relevant for a particular placement and optimize creatives on the fly.

Multi-touch attribution

Tap into behavior data to help your users understand how conversions are made. Enrich your software with adveritising attribution capabilities that will help define what ads turn promo efforts into cash and improve budget planning.

Benefit from our cross-domain knowledge