Your creativity fueled by our innovations

Your DNA screams “originality”, and that’s music to our ears. We appreciate working with marketing agencies like yours because developing AdTech software becomes about exploring fresh perspectives and choosing unconventional, creative, yet effective approaches.

Skills on top of skills

Our cooperation means a great combo: we bring tech expertise, and you bring deep market understanding to squeeze every drop of profit from what we offer.

Why you can bank on us to be the reinforcement you need

2011 & 2015 mark our AdTech and MarTech success debut

Ever since, we’ve been busy crafting effective solutions, helping with everything from marketing automation to BI-driven decision-making, and integrating AI and ML capabilities.

360-degree AdTech ecosystem expertise

We’ve collaborated with and are still partnering with players from both the demand and supply sides, perfectly understanding the challenges they face.

Two decades of mastering Video Streaming intricacies

Loads of successful projects have honed our expertise in end-to-end video streaming system integration, custom OTT app development, and implementing CV and data analytics into media solutions.

Hear from our happy longtime clients

Here’s what companies like yours, whom we’ve helped excel in reputation management, real-time yield optimization, and maintaining control over how they sell every impression, say:

I highly recommend Oxagile for any size project.

I look forward to working with them again in the future!

The Oxagile team was essential to the success of Admeld. I’ve always been impressed by their engineering skills as well as their ability to suggest alternatives.

Brian Adams
Group Product Manager

All work was completed and met or exceeded our expectations.

Oxagile’s team was a pleasure to work with throughout the process, while always being helpful and offering insights. As a company, we always felt we were in good hands and made the right decision in choosing to work with Oxagile. It was and is a true partnership.

Jason Gorelkin
Chief Operating Officer
Beta Research Corporation

Diverse clients and varied platforms we work with

  • All types of agencies

  • A mix of channels

Do you want to tackle any of these challenges? We're here for that!

If you’re not sure whether we’re the right fit to solve your specific bottlenecks or concerns, here’s a simple question: do you promote or advertise products, services, or brands? If your answer is positive, then the pieces of the puzzle fall into place — we can bring value to you.

In search of revenue boosts

“We’re striving to showcase the value, but while the budgets are depleting, the margins are still low, which doesn’t exactly make us eager to expand and plan a strategy for scaling the reach. We need to figure out what’s causing it before allocating more money.”

We can help by:
  • Implementing AI and ML for improving targeting capabilities, driving cross-platform offerings and smart budget allocation
  • Enabling custom integrations to expand your ad capabilities within the ecosystem
  • AI work to build media plans using a lot of historic digital activation data

Craving precise measurement and attribution

“Our data comes from multiple sources and is stored in separate silos, which honestly makes analyzing it a real headache. Plus, it occasionally messes with our visibility and adds confusion to our attribution models, making our ROI estimates less reliable. We’ve recently even been guilty of throwing money at channels that don’t deliver any results.”

We can help by:
  • Delivering custom marketing attribution solutions
  • Unifying performance analytics across campaigns, online and offline channels, multiple DSPs, campaigns, clients, and platforms — for accurate insights and optimized ad spend
  • Implementing detailed reports and drill-down dashboards containing advanced filtering options and being exported in different formats when needed

Dreaming of process automation and integration

“Can our team fully focus on strategic initiatives and workflow streamlining for clients? Yeah, I wish. Right now, we’re swamped with manually collecting data, crafting reports and updates for clients, and dealing with long wait times for their feedback even on the tiniest changes to ad placements.”

We can help by:
  • Building self-service ad platforms
  • Integrating ad management and marketing tools, CRM, ERP, and billing solutions
  • Creating custom campaign runners and multiple DSP aggregators to speed up the work of your AdOps team
  • Implementing AI for operation automation
  • Automating and customizing customer review requests, collection, generation, and analysis — all to boost referrals and conversion rates

Looking to cut down on TCO

“In this life, everything comes with a price, but sometimes it feels like we’re overpaying. The licensing fees for various ad and software tools, along with ongoing maintenance, can add up to substantial expenses. And while we’re eager to embrace new tech, the budget’s hardly enough because of our costly legacy systems. It’s a never-ending loop.”

We can help by:
  • Building custom proprietary MarTech and AdTech products
  • Improving in-house solution performance under high loads
  • Overcoming any scalability issues, migrating to new data systems
  • Consulting on tools choice and their integration within the in-house system

Reach the targets you want at a speed you’ll adore

There are no ideal AdTech tools, channels, or solutions for everyone, but we’ll make sure to find the ones that are perfect for you to optimize yield or solve any concern you may have.

Your business will be in good company

We’ve got a track record of crafting DSP aggregation tools, multi-purpose marketing solutions, and advanced audience targeting solutions for leading demand-side platforms, marketing agencies, reputation management platforms, video advertising and monetization platforms.

A world of solutions to elevate your services from every angle

Marketing Technology

  • Introducing more automation to routine processing
  • Developing a proprietary solution (DSP, ad quality) that will reduce the cost of third-party products
  • Developing custom tools for task management tailored specifically to advertising
  • Streamlining complex marketing workflows — from discovering the best leads to nurturing prospects through the sales funnel

Big Data

  • Integrating separate systems into one unified solution
  • Applying a statistical tool that gathers and manages first- and third-party statistics
  • Creating interactive dashboards and customizable reports
  • BI-supported data-driven multi-channel marketing attribution

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI-driven segmentation and deep behavioral insights to deliver tailored marketing messages
  • Leveraging ML to analyze metrics, uncover hidden patterns, and make accurate predictions
  • AI-powered conversational chatbots and assistants

Sharing industry news and hands-on expertise

While we want to help you with your specific goals, trying to communicate all the nuances, secrets, and insights we gather from our projects through a casual chat can be quite a challenge. That's why we invite you to read our latest expert articles to get a deeper understanding of the ways to combat pressing AdTech challenges and innovative solutions you might want to try out.