With a 360-degree view on EdTech video needs

Whether you represent K-12 or higher education, professional coaching, or a certification company, we’re here to help you. Oxagile’s experts will serve any requests educators might have, ranging from ensuring on-demand streaming for learners to building a live conferencing solution.

Adding our video knowledge to your eLearning products or services

A multitude of educational content needs arrangement

With a growing library of online video lessons and other types of learning video content, you might need to apply tech best practices to effectively manage it within an eLearning video platform. Our EdTech video content management and orchestration can help you:

  • Apply topic tags to categorize video lessons/courses for easy-to-navigate EdTech content library management
  • Tag video lessons, webinars, online lectures for several courses simultaneously
  • Manage live video sessions by adding lecturers to streams
  • Accept or decline questions from the session attendees

Educational video content syndication

If you are going to share your video lessons, lectures, conference recordings, and other educational resources with third-party video platforms, or your custom apps, you might need a standardized API and other content syndication tools. Feel free to make use of our expertise in EdTech video content syndication to be able to:

  • Apply custom configurations to meet the specific requirements of third-party educational platforms
  • Integrate your educational video resources with external content ingestion systems
  • Adjust your learning videos to make them flexible to different feed generation formats such as MRSS, JSON, and iTunes

Video content distribution among educators and learners

Are you thinking about increasing an eLearning audience? Here’s how you can reach it:

  • Enable lectures/webinars redistribution through social networks for educators to reach more learners
  • Create YouTube-like platforms to distribute your educational video content

Video conferencing solutions for education

We know how to support online lectures and webinars streaming using different streaming formats, including live, VoD, simulive, and live linear video streaming. We’re happy to help educators with:

  • Ensuring high-quality online streaming of lectures
  • Defining inbound and outbound languages
  • Joining eLearning video sessions when requested
  • Using simultaneous and consecutive interpretation capabilities
  • Requesting a switch between simultaneous interpreters

Interactive video learning experience

Would you like to streamline learner engagement while streaming an online lecture or a webinar? Why not take advantage of the following perks?

  • Make notes on a virtual whiteboard
  • Chat with attendees during a lecture/webinar
  • Share additional resources with the learners via virtual folders
  • Complement lectures/webinars with presentations
  • Receive invitations to conferences, live seminars, and other online educational events
  • Pick between the original or the interpreted sound streams
  • Submit questions to the lecturer

Launch your educational video platform quicker and scale it easier

We applied our multi-year expertise to create a video conferencing platform with a pre-ready set of features such as online video calling capabilities and screen sharing. This ensures faster delivery of EdTech video software along with its smooth enrichment with new features.

Ensure engaging learning experience across multiple platforms

Would you be interested in opening up new vistas of video?

Maximizing the value of eLearning videos with business intelligence

  • Learn how engaged your students are

    Our BI experts can suggest you video analytics tools that will provide insights into the students’ learning experience.

  • Personalize learning experience

    Why not help your students find video-based educational courses faster? While delivering video-based learning platforms, we integrate artificial intelligence to ensure this.