Full-fledged mobile learning app development services

Since our inception in 2005, we’ve proven to be an educational app development company that harnesses deep edtech expertise in tandem with solid mobile app development competence to deliver truly user-centric mobile learning apps enabling students to get knowledge wherever and whenever they want.

We build educational apps that exceed user expectations

Partner with experienced mobile learning app developers to make your solution the best product-market fit.

Outstanding usability

Create a ubiquitous learning experience with a mobile app that runs smoothly on any operating system. Increase user satisfaction with an easy login process, seamless onboarding, and advanced search. Ensure intuitive navigation not only on mobile, but also on tablets and wearables.

Rock-solid security

Leverage our know-how around data encryption, biometric authentication, risk management, and disaster recovery to secure your mLearning app. Our security and penetration testing experts will ensure your solution is safe against fraud and complies with major security and data privacy standards, including OWASP, PCI DSS, and GDPR.

Excellent performance

Capitalize on our unique blend of CDN integration services and performance engineering skills to make your mobile apps support a growing number of concurrent learners. Use best practices around battery life, RAM, GPU, and data caching optimization to ensure lightning-fast app operation at all times.

Novel functionality

Hire our mLearning developers to speed up your digital innovation. Provide solid gamification capabilities, AR-fueled maps and instructions, smart chatbots, and computer vision-powered student identification. Use our artificial intelligence knowledge to enable personalized recommendations, deep insights into student performance, and more.

Smooth integrations

Follow industry-leading guidelines such as AICC, SCORM, and xAPI to build highly interoperable mobile apps. Our comprehensive integration testing will make sure your app can easily communicate with LMS, ERP, CRM, payment gateways, social media, and other third-party platforms.

Our educational app features tailored for learning success

We deliver a full suite of educational app development services

Corporate training apps

Corporate training apps

  • HR management and recruiting solutions
  • Employee onboarding apps that educate on a company’s products and services
  • Advanced performance review management
  • Feature-rich online sales training solutions
  • Mobile customer service training
  • Financial planning and accounting apps with updates on industry laws and regulations
  • mLearning for senior executives
  • Continuing professional education across various industries and business domains

Language learning apps

Language learning apps

  • AI-powered learner skill level identification
  • Multi-level course building
  • A great variety of learning formats, including writing, listening comprehension, podcasts, and meet-ups with other students
  • Smart lessons personalization
  • Comprehensive goal setting and progress tracking
  • Accurate learner assessment and advanced reward functionality
  • Intelligent chatbot assistants
  • Powerful speech recognition features

Campus apps

Mobile campus apps

  • Powerful messaging capabilities, including audio and video communication
  • Advanced curriculum and schedule management
  • Multimedia libraries with educational content
  • Integrations with third-party eLearning portals
  • Social media functionality such as gamified profiles, group chats, forums, and more
  • Biometric user authentication
  • Push notifications to deliver time-sensitive information
  • Student grading and detailed performance reports
  • Financial information management, including insights into budget spending

Apps for kids

mLearning apps for kids

  • Preschool education solutions
  • Mobile games to learn colors, shadows, shapes, sizes, and more
  • Apps for enhancing vocabulary and spelling skills
  • Games for training attention, memory, problem-solving, and more
  • Kindergarten apps with advanced schedule, attendance, and payment management
  • Tutoring apps (maths, English, social science, etc.)
  • mLearning apps with entertaining video material
  • Apps for healthy eating and exercises

Education apps

Special education apps

  • Apps for dyslexia and learning disabilities
  • Autism therapy apps to improve attention, language, and visual skills
  • Visual reading solutions
  • mLearning apps that motivate learners to develop motor, cognitive and communication skills through play and music
  • Apps for practicing mental flexibility
  • Educational games for people with down syndrome
  • ADHD apps to improve organizational skills
  • Augmentative and alternative communication apps

Mobile learning across devices


  • Intuitive apps for Windows, iOS, or Android
  • On-the-fly UI customizations
  • Ease of use no matter the resolution or form factor
  • Performance optimization


  • Native or cross-platform apps
  • Compliance with Apple HIG and/or Google Material Design
  • Enterprise-grade mobile security
  • A/B analytics and continuous enhancement


  • Smart bands and smartwatches
  • Clean, intuitive UIs and bespoke screen sizes
  • Battery life optimization
  • Support for NFC, RFID, QR, BLE, and more

Technologies that set our educational apps apart

How partnering with us can be a winning formula

EdTech skills powered by video streaming expertise

Video conferencing and eLearning is a match made in heaven, which ensures your educational platform always stays competitive. Having about 20 years of Video domain experience, Oxagile can seamlessly integrate or revamp any video solution, making sure it reaches its full potential in EdTech.

Taking the lead with a proactive approach

Delving deep into your processes and goals and keeping a pulse on the market enables our educational app developers to not only deliver on the tasks, but also constantly offer possibilities to enhance your mLearning project and drive growth.

Opting for meaningful changes

By prioritizing thoughtful, purposeful innovations over chasing novelty, we are a hundred percent confident that the features we offer you during the educational app development process, be it AI updates or the latest cloud services, will not interfere with the comfortable user experience and will bring you true value.